eclectic randomness #3

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so finally i have come to this week’s eclectic randomness, that have kept my soul warm in this cold, cold days. 
beauty inspiration: colorful eyelashes. i considered colorful mascara to be so retro (in a bad way), but  then i saw it properly worn in one of Zara’s new collection photos and i really liked it. plus, this one-earring-trend that is going on lately reminded me about those old days when i used to rock it too. double like!

image found here 
the decision: me and my brows – that’s a true love-hate relationship. “i’ll let my eyebrows wild and free for a while. i will not touch them, i will not pluck them. they will be free like a bird!”, i told my boyfriend the other day. he said “all right then.”, but i can tell that he was a bit worried that i might want to apply this strategy to other parts of my body too (and by other parts i mean my legs). so yeah, i’m not touching them! well i kind of cheated a little bit. i outlined them the way i want them to look like and plucked all the tinny annoying hairs that were faaaaaar from the lines. i also intend to use some oil that promote hair growth like this product or like my boy’s beard tonic (you see how desperate i am! well, i mean… if it’s good for his beard, why not work for my eyebrows too!?)  so basically, that’s the plan to achieve nice thick and natural brows! but it’s sooooo hard to stay away from the tweezers, guys, I’m telling you!

brow inspirations / images found on the internet / collage by me
fashion inspiration: “baby, it’s cold outside!” is not just a phrase from a cool song (you don’t know the song?!) it is difficult to stay stylish when you have to where like hundred layers of clothes in attempts to feel a tinny bit more comfortable. i really liked the idea to spice up a warm sweater by simple putting your favorite chunky brooch on it. so chic and… warm!

detail of an image by Sandra Semburg, www.

blog crush: is a great online place where you can find amazing photos and inspiring everyday style.

image found here
the art projects: two fun and bright projects and a study case for how inspiration actually works. i came across this very nice project  by two young bulgarians working in the marketing field and got really excited, because… it’s pretty cool actually. i must admit i was a little bit disappointed when i found out that there is another similar project . but then i thought about it and i came to the conclusion that this is how people get inspired by each other and create similar cool stuff… or maybe not??

image found here
image found here

the artrist: Erykah. i like her very much. and especially this album that brings so much memories from what feels almost like a past life.

image found on pinterest

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