eclectic randomness #2

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this will be a post only in english. may be i’ll do a BG version of it sometime soon

here’s my eclectic randomness of wonderful (and some not that wonderful) things, that marked the second week of january.

the beauty item: i like pink. and lately i feel strangely attracted to those muted pink, mauve-ish shades… like dusty rose color. so i was looking for a lipstick in that shade. and as i was imagining that i would wear it every day (not really happening), i prefer it to be from a natural/organic cosmetic brand (because of the nice ingredients, you know) and i found it! it’s Alverde Color & Care Lipstick in the shade 52 Primrose. some words to describe it: soft, nourishing, easy to wear, beautiful. it smells funny though, but i guess you can’t have it all. 

fashion inspiration: neutrals. well… my kind of neutrals. what is more to say?

food: as i’m trying to increase the amount of protein in my diet and as someone who doesn’t eat meat (except fish though), i usually have to come up with some kind of creative ways to cook eggs. so i’ve been loving those egg muffins lately. here is a recipe that you could try out, if you want to know what is this rave all about.

the great intention: last Christmas i had a marvelous idea about the gifts, i was going to make. i decided to buy only (well, almost only) books. so everyone got a book. i really tried to meet everyone’s preferences  and i think i succeeded. anyhow, while spending all that time in bookstores to find the right book, i realized that i don’t read that much anymore. so i decided that i should start reading more… this intention is still in that decision phase, but i keep this book on my nightstand as a reminder.

movie-i’m-exited-about-and-can’t-wait-to-watch: The Danish Girl. really, i can’t wait! one of the reason for my excitement being the production and costume design. and if you happen to follow the Oscars, you probably already know that the movie has nominations in both categories. well, i don’t care about the Oscars (as i said it previously here), but i keep my fingers crossed for Paco Delago (costume design), Michael Standish (set decoration) and Eve Stewart (production design). if i sparked your curiosity, read more here and here.

image found here

the artist: of course i knew who David Bowie is, but i haven’t been listening to his music very consciously, to be honest. until january 8th – the day his latest album Blackstar was released and his actual birthday. “what a genius artist!”, i was thinking to myself. two days later he was no longer with us. but his art is. “ars longa, vita brevis.” – what a cliche! but still true.

Dawid Bowie by  Masayoshi Sukita

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