* i have been procrastinating this post for so long, i can’t even start to tell you. but here it is finally. Mr. Simons is no longer designing for Dior, but nevertheless what he has done while doing so can’t be canceled.  ** this post will be only in english. probably i’ll get to translate it some day, if i manage to trick procrastination once again. __________________ I have always thought that fashion is more than just combining clothes and accessories, but art in some…Continue Reading “fashion and art? Raf Simons for Dior”

i got my niece a funny little booklet with colorful pages. she loved it. and i am more than delighted to see how interested is she in books and how much she enjoys her present. me – a happy aunt!   купих на племенницата ми забавна малка книжка с цветни страници. много й хареса. а аз съм повече от щастлива, че тя проявява голям интерес към книги и че се радва на подаръка си. аз – доволната леля! the title is “Lori’s time” and it’s about…Continue Reading “little booklet with colorful pages”

art and the way of expressing oneself through art is pretty much one of my favorite things on this planet. photography inspires me and makes me think a lot. this incredible possibility to document life and to create art with light is what i like the most about it.  fashion photography is in a way a modern take on “classical” painting for me. it’s finding art not only on the gallery walls and in museums, but right there in your hands on some (fashion) magazine…Continue Reading “drawing with light”

i really like documentary films. some of the most beautiful, exciting and touching movies, i’ve watched are documentaries.  “Cutie and the boxer” is a wonderful documentary film, that i came across while watching this years Academy Awards. and while i don’t care that much about the Oscars, i really enjoyed the movie. it’s telling the not-so-ordinary love story of the Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko, also an artist. asked about their relationship, Noriko gave a beautiful poetic answer, that i really liked….Continue Reading “documenting love”