long story short… just kidding! those, who know me personal know for sure that i can not be short in my explanations. i got this cute little set as a birthday present for a friend. i thought it was very 60s inspired and cool. those are handmade pieces from a local artist, which doubles the cuteness factor in my eyes. накратко… шегувам се! ако ме познавате лично, вече знаете, че не мога да бъда кратка в обясненията си. избрах този чуден сет от обици и брошка…Continue Reading “the flower brooch”

it’s definitely a beanie-weather here! sunny autumn days are probably over for this year, so it’s time to dig out the beanies. i got inspired scrolling trough one of my favorite blogs (it’s Garance’s, duh?!) and remembered these pictures. so i was like “hey! why not showing one of my favorite beanies?” (i know, lots of favorites in this post, right?) ok, that’s technically my boyfriend’s beanie, but i bought it for him, so i got to borrow it form time to time (many times…Continue Reading “the beanie”

it’s fall already. i like all it’s beautiful colors… anyhow, this is me right now. well, not right now (because now-now while writing this, i’m rocking some spooky-looking facemask. you don’t want to see that, believe me!). but yeah, this is me during my park walk last saturday – no make-up, just some casual outfit, shorter hair, feeling pretty comfy actually! вече е есен. харесват ми всичките й красиви цветове… както и да е, това съм аз сега. добре де, не точно в момента (защото…Continue Reading “golden fall a.k.a saturday sabotage”

it is officially fall. it’s time for more cooking and more tea drinking. i actually like fall, mostly because of its beautiful colors. to celebrate the new season i prepared something tasty and colorful – my favorite pancakes, except this time they’re… purple! i found the recipe here and because i have a soft spot for everything purple, i didn’t wait too long before making it myself. официално вече е есен. време е за повече готвене и повече пиене на чай. всъщност харесвам есента, преди…Continue Reading “purple pancakes”

i got my niece a funny little booklet with colorful pages. she loved it. and i am more than delighted to see how interested is she in books and how much she enjoys her present. me – a happy aunt!   купих на племенницата ми забавна малка книжка с цветни страници. много й хареса. а аз съм повече от щастлива, че тя проявява голям интерес към книги и че се радва на подаръка си. аз – доволната леля! the title is “Lori’s time” and it’s about…Continue Reading “little booklet with colorful pages”

this beautiful piece of clothing summarize pretty much everything that i like in an apparel – it has a cool print, it’s unusual and kind of eccentric, it’s comfortable, it’s easy to wear, it’s vintage (i bought it second hand) … and all in one – there’s something special about it. a kimono by Noa Noa, that i spotted in a big second hand store. at first i found it a little bit strange and wondered how could i wear it, but i tried it…Continue Reading “a thing to wear”

sunshine, flowery scent in the air, good healthy homemade food, love… the most beautiful place – home. in one of those hot summer days in the province i like wearing beautiful, but uncomplicated outfits. floral pieces in soft cotton fabric almost always satisfy my wish for comfort and something special. thanks to my gorgeous sister i had the chance to wear this perfect summer dress. almost felt like we were younger again, switching clothes and accessories. as for the accessories – espadrilles and straw bag…Continue Reading “love street”

espadrilles. my go-to summer shoes. i’ve been literally living in those for the last two months. espadrilles are comfy, colorful and simple. i usually pick vivid colors. this summer i went for bright red and soft lavender. еспадрили – обувките, които предпочитам през лятото, защото са удобни, цветни и семпли. буквално живея в тях през последните два месеца. обикновено избирам ярки цветове. това лято се спрях на наситено червено и светло лилаво. the maracas are a souvenir from dear friend / маракасите са подарък-спомен от…Continue Reading “summer shoes”

eating a plant-based diet with fresh, real foods – veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes and very little dairy is probably one of the best things you could do for your body. the cleanness in its every dimension is wonderful. each spring i found myself wanting to be somehow new and clean. i start from my very own home – my body. cleaning my body and mind. trying to make the right choices as it comes to food. this means eating A LOT of…Continue Reading “clean and green”

i really like documentary films. some of the most beautiful, exciting and touching movies, i’ve watched are documentaries.  “Cutie and the boxer” is a wonderful documentary film, that i came across while watching this years Academy Awards. and while i don’t care that much about the Oscars, i really enjoyed the movie. it’s telling the not-so-ordinary love story of the Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko, also an artist. asked about their relationship, Noriko gave a beautiful poetic answer, that i really liked….Continue Reading “documenting love”