watermelon smoothie with lemon / динена лимонада ever since i have tried watermelon smoothie after one amazing summer music festival on the beach a couple years ago, i am amazed by the fresh taste it has. this summer i found myself preparing it very often, experimenting with the little special flavors i add like honey, fresh herbs (i’ve tried also adding basil, it turned out really nice) or other fruits. for this one i got the inspiration from a facebook status of a blogger, that…Continue Reading “watermelon”

a.k.a the first, usually pointless post summer and being fresh. the scent of cleanness inspires. as do the mountains in the summertime too. the villagers prefer to wash their carpets on the river bank. next to it they have a garden, where they grow fruits and vegetables. the villagers are wise guys. или първият, обикновено безсмислен пост лято и чувство за свежест. ароматът на чистота вдъхновява. както и планинската природа през лятото. хората от селото предпочитат да перат килимите си на реката. до перилото има…Continue Reading “carpets a.k.a. summer fresh”