it’s fall already. i like all it’s beautiful colors… anyhow, this is me right now. well, not right now (because now-now while writing this, i’m rocking some spooky-looking facemask. you don’t want to see that, believe me!). but yeah, this is me during my park walk last saturday – no make-up, just some casual outfit, shorter hair, feeling pretty comfy actually! вече е есен. харесват ми всичките й красиви цветове… както и да е, това съм аз сега. добре де, не точно в момента (защото…Continue Reading “golden fall a.k.a saturday sabotage”

… what else is to do, but to try to escape the heat in the city under the shadows of the park trees. oh, boy! it has been hot here lately. in my head (and on my skin) summer apparel has to be soft, airy and comfortable. of course, i can not say “no!” to a nice pattern or a great special cut. this is the case with this beautiful vintage shirt, that has it all – it has cotton in it, it’s light blue…Continue Reading “on a hot summer day”

lately i found myself looking for simplicity pretty much everywhere i could. wearing no-fuss outfits with clear, simple lines. eating simple meals. not complicating things too much. yep. when you start feeling that life kind of gets too complicated, simplicity is all you want to stick too. напоследък търся простотата почти навсякъде – семпли дрехи с изчистени линии, простчки ястия , ежедневие без излишно усложняване. дам. когато започнеш да мислиш, че животът е сложен, някак подъсзнателно се стремиш към всичко това. recently i bought a…Continue Reading “simple”

eating a plant-based diet with fresh, real foods – veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes and very little dairy is probably one of the best things you could do for your body. the cleanness in its every dimension is wonderful. each spring i found myself wanting to be somehow new and clean. i start from my very own home – my body. cleaning my body and mind. trying to make the right choices as it comes to food. this means eating A LOT of…Continue Reading “clean and green”