one of the best ways to release the stress in my opinion is art therapy. you know… get creative, forget about all those annoying tasks that you have to do like… RIGHT NOW!!… and just… relax. see, i am not telling you that you should procrastinate (like i do), but you really have to find some time and way to de-clutter your mind just a little bit. at least if you don’t want to burn out, of course. so ain’t nobody got time for a…Continue Reading “on releasing the stress”

long story short… just kidding! those, who know me personal know for sure that i can not be short in my explanations. i got this cute little set as a birthday present for a friend. i thought it was very 60s inspired and cool. those are handmade pieces from a local artist, which doubles the cuteness factor in my eyes. накратко… шегувам се! ако ме познавате лично, вече знаете, че не мога да бъда кратка в обясненията си. избрах този чуден сет от обици и брошка…Continue Reading “the flower brooch”

* i have been procrastinating this post for so long, i can’t even start to tell you. but here it is finally. Mr. Simons is no longer designing for Dior, but nevertheless what he has done while doing so can’t be canceled.  ** this post will be only in english. probably i’ll get to translate it some day, if i manage to trick procrastination once again. __________________ I have always thought that fashion is more than just combining clothes and accessories, but art in some…Continue Reading “fashion and art? Raf Simons for Dior”

have i ever mentioned how much i like layering? like… VERY much. i like to layer jackets, accessorize, shirts… you name it! lately i’ve been mostly sticking to layering jackets. spring and fall are perfect season for doing so. i dare you, just try it out! most safe way? layer a nice jeans jacket under your coat!  споменавала ли съм колко харесвам напластяването на дрехи? ама… НАИСТИНА. якета, аксесоари, ризи дори… каквото ви хрумне. напоследък напластявам основно якета, тъй като преходните сезони са идеални за…Continue Reading “layers”

so finally i have come to this week’s eclectic randomness, that have kept my soul warm in this cold, cold days.  beauty inspiration: colorful eyelashes. i considered colorful mascara to be so retro (in a bad way), but  then i saw it properly worn in one of Zara’s new collection photos and i really liked it. plus, this one-earring-trend that is going on lately reminded me about those old days when i used to rock it too. double like! image found here  the decision: me…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #3”

__________________________this will be a post only in english. may be i’ll do a BG version of it sometime soon here’s my eclectic randomness of wonderful (and some not that wonderful) things, that marked the second week of january. the beauty item: i like pink. and lately i feel strangely attracted to those muted pink, mauve-ish shades… like dusty rose color. so i was looking for a lipstick in that shade. and as i was imagining that i would wear it every day (not really happening),…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #2”

can you guys believe, that it is 2016?! and the first month of it is almost over. i know!… well, you’re right, it’s not that unbelievable at all. but still i wanted to start this post with a “wow!”-kind-of-statement.  actually i wasn’t that excited about the start of the new year. i’m getting old i quess, but all this resolutions and so on… well, not for me this time. instead of making plans how to become a brand new me in 2016, i will take…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #1”

it’s definitely a beanie-weather here! sunny autumn days are probably over for this year, so it’s time to dig out the beanies. i got inspired scrolling trough one of my favorite blogs (it’s Garance’s, duh?!) and remembered these pictures. so i was like “hey! why not showing one of my favorite beanies?” (i know, lots of favorites in this post, right?) ok, that’s technically my boyfriend’s beanie, but i bought it for him, so i got to borrow it form time to time (many times…Continue Reading “the beanie”

“why don’t you write in the blog?”, kept the boy asking me through the whole winter. and i was just making up silly excuses every time he came up with that question. but when recently my gorgeous sister asked me out of the blue “what’s up with the blog? you haven’t posted since ages!”, i was like “yeah, why really?” so right there on the spot i thought myself “people need my blog! i should share more often.”*  * i just imagined this funny picture…Continue Reading “crackers”

i got my niece a funny little booklet with colorful pages. she loved it. and i am more than delighted to see how interested is she in books and how much she enjoys her present. me – a happy aunt!   купих на племенницата ми забавна малка книжка с цветни страници. много й хареса. а аз съм повече от щастлива, че тя проявява голям интерес към книги и че се радва на подаръка си. аз – доволната леля! the title is “Lori’s time” and it’s about…Continue Reading “little booklet with colorful pages”