as it comes to food almost nothing could beat a good homemade traditional dish. like liutenitsa. try to make your own following your grandma recipe and you will never want to buy it again. i actually have never made liutenitsa by myself, but this dip reminded me so much of its taste, so i had to share it. it is just yummy! стане ли въпрос за храна почти нищо не може да обори добрoтo домашно приготвенo традиционнo ястие. като лютеницата например. опитайте да направите сами,…Continue Reading “traditions with a twist”

sunshine, flowery scent in the air, good healthy homemade food, love… the most beautiful place – home. in one of those hot summer days in the province i like wearing beautiful, but uncomplicated outfits. floral pieces in soft cotton fabric almost always satisfy my wish for comfort and something special. thanks to my gorgeous sister i had the chance to wear this perfect summer dress. almost felt like we were younger again, switching clothes and accessories. as for the accessories – espadrilles and straw bag…Continue Reading “love street”

watermelon smoothie with lemon / динена лимонада ever since i have tried watermelon smoothie after one amazing summer music festival on the beach a couple years ago, i am amazed by the fresh taste it has. this summer i found myself preparing it very often, experimenting with the little special flavors i add like honey, fresh herbs (i’ve tried also adding basil, it turned out really nice) or other fruits. for this one i got the inspiration from a facebook status of a blogger, that…Continue Reading “watermelon”

weekend treats… love them! especially breakfast. this one brings the spirit of my childhood. french toast. when i was a kid my mother and grandma used to make them now and then for breakfast. oh, this golden, mellow, sweet deliciousness! in my family we call it “ggi-ggi-paa-paa” [gee-gee-pah-pah, i guess]. haven’t made french toast myself till now. i tried to make it healthier by using soft rye bread and coconut butter. it’s pretty simple: beat two eggs, roll the bread slices in the eggs and…Continue Reading “ggi-ggi-paa-paa”

lately i found myself looking for simplicity pretty much everywhere i could. wearing no-fuss outfits with clear, simple lines. eating simple meals. not complicating things too much. yep. when you start feeling that life kind of gets too complicated, simplicity is all you want to stick too. напоследък търся простотата почти навсякъде – семпли дрехи с изчистени линии, простчки ястия , ежедневие без излишно усложняване. дам. когато започнеш да мислиш, че животът е сложен, някак подъсзнателно се стремиш към всичко това. recently i bought a…Continue Reading “simple”

eating a plant-based diet with fresh, real foods – veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, legumes and very little dairy is probably one of the best things you could do for your body. the cleanness in its every dimension is wonderful. each spring i found myself wanting to be somehow new and clean. i start from my very own home – my body. cleaning my body and mind. trying to make the right choices as it comes to food. this means eating A LOT of…Continue Reading “clean and green”

art and the way of expressing oneself through art is pretty much one of my favorite things on this planet. photography inspires me and makes me think a lot. this incredible possibility to document life and to create art with light is what i like the most about it.  fashion photography is in a way a modern take on “classical” painting for me. it’s finding art not only on the gallery walls and in museums, but right there in your hands on some (fashion) magazine…Continue Reading “drawing with light”

i really like documentary films. some of the most beautiful, exciting and touching movies, i’ve watched are documentaries.  “Cutie and the boxer” is a wonderful documentary film, that i came across while watching this years Academy Awards. and while i don’t care that much about the Oscars, i really enjoyed the movie. it’s telling the not-so-ordinary love story of the Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko, also an artist. asked about their relationship, Noriko gave a beautiful poetic answer, that i really liked….Continue Reading “documenting love”

it was Easter this last Sunday. what i enjoy the most about Easter are simple, but precious things like family gathering, coloring eggs, the scent of hope and flowers blowing through the air. през изминалата неделя празнувахме Великден. семейното събиране, боядисването на яйца и арoмaта на надежда и цветя, носещ се из въздуха – някои от простичките, но безценни неща, които ме радват по Великден.

some of the things, that inspire me. кратък преглед на някои вдъхновяващи неща. a lazy happy day / безгрижен прекрасен ден flowery scent of love and joy / цветя с аромат на радост и любов kind of feeling free / нещо като чувство за свобода rainbow / дъга urban / квартален туризъм seaside / морска