art and the way of expressing oneself through art is pretty much one of my favorite things on this planet. photography inspires me and makes me think a lot. this incredible possibility to document life and to create art with light is what i like the most about it.  fashion photography is in a way a modern take on “classical” painting for me. it’s finding art not only on the gallery walls and in museums, but right there in your hands on some (fashion) magazine…Continue Reading “drawing with light”

some of the things, that inspire me. кратък преглед на някои вдъхновяващи неща. a lazy happy day / безгрижен прекрасен ден flowery scent of love and joy / цветя с аромат на радост и любов kind of feeling free / нещо като чувство за свобода rainbow / дъга urban / квартален туризъм seaside / морска