one of the best ways to release the stress in my opinion is art therapy. you know… get creative, forget about all those annoying tasks that you have to do like… RIGHT NOW!!… and just… relax. see, i am not telling you that you should procrastinate (like i do), but you really have to find some time and way to de-clutter your mind just a little bit. at least if you don’t want to burn out, of course. so ain’t nobody got time for a…Continue Reading “on releasing the stress”

… what else is to do, but to try to escape the heat in the city under the shadows of the park trees. oh, boy! it has been hot here lately. in my head (and on my skin) summer apparel has to be soft, airy and comfortable. of course, i can not say “no!” to a nice pattern or a great special cut. this is the case with this beautiful vintage shirt, that has it all – it has cotton in it, it’s light blue…Continue Reading “on a hot summer day”

this beautiful piece of clothing summarize pretty much everything that i like in an apparel – it has a cool print, it’s unusual and kind of eccentric, it’s comfortable, it’s easy to wear, it’s vintage (i bought it second hand) … and all in one – there’s something special about it. a kimono by Noa Noa, that i spotted in a big second hand store. at first i found it a little bit strange and wondered how could i wear it, but i tried it…Continue Reading “a thing to wear”

watermelon smoothie with lemon / динена лимонада ever since i have tried watermelon smoothie after one amazing summer music festival on the beach a couple years ago, i am amazed by the fresh taste it has. this summer i found myself preparing it very often, experimenting with the little special flavors i add like honey, fresh herbs (i’ve tried also adding basil, it turned out really nice) or other fruits. for this one i got the inspiration from a facebook status of a blogger, that…Continue Reading “watermelon”

espadrilles. my go-to summer shoes. i’ve been literally living in those for the last two months. espadrilles are comfy, colorful and simple. i usually pick vivid colors. this summer i went for bright red and soft lavender. еспадрили – обувките, които предпочитам през лятото, защото са удобни, цветни и семпли. буквално живея в тях през последните два месеца. обикновено избирам ярки цветове. това лято се спрях на наситено червено и светло лилаво. the maracas are a souvenir from dear friend / маракасите са подарък-спомен от…Continue Reading “summer shoes”

some of the things, that inspire me. кратък преглед на някои вдъхновяващи неща. a lazy happy day / безгрижен прекрасен ден flowery scent of love and joy / цветя с аромат на радост и любов kind of feeling free / нещо като чувство за свобода rainbow / дъга urban / квартален туризъм seaside / морска

a.k.a the first, usually pointless post summer and being fresh. the scent of cleanness inspires. as do the mountains in the summertime too. the villagers prefer to wash their carpets on the river bank. next to it they have a garden, where they grow fruits and vegetables. the villagers are wise guys. или първият, обикновено безсмислен пост лято и чувство за свежест. ароматът на чистота вдъхновява. както и планинската природа през лятото. хората от селото предпочитат да перат килимите си на реката. до перилото има…Continue Reading “carpets a.k.a. summer fresh”