so finally i have come to this week’s eclectic randomness, that have kept my soul warm in this cold, cold days.  beauty inspiration: colorful eyelashes. i considered colorful mascara to be so retro (in a bad way), but  then i saw it properly worn in one of Zara’s new collection photos and i really liked it. plus, this one-earring-trend that is going on lately reminded me about those old days when i used to rock it too. double like! image found here  the decision: me…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #3”

__________________________this will be a post only in english. may be i’ll do a BG version of it sometime soon here’s my eclectic randomness of wonderful (and some not that wonderful) things, that marked the second week of january. the beauty item: i like pink. and lately i feel strangely attracted to those muted pink, mauve-ish shades… like dusty rose color. so i was looking for a lipstick in that shade. and as i was imagining that i would wear it every day (not really happening),…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #2”

can you guys believe, that it is 2016?! and the first month of it is almost over. i know!… well, you’re right, it’s not that unbelievable at all. but still i wanted to start this post with a “wow!”-kind-of-statement.  actually i wasn’t that excited about the start of the new year. i’m getting old i quess, but all this resolutions and so on… well, not for me this time. instead of making plans how to become a brand new me in 2016, i will take…Continue Reading “eclectic randomness #1”