i really like documentary films. some of the most beautiful, exciting and touching movies, i’ve watched are documentaries.  “Cutie and the boxer” is a wonderful documentary film, that i came across while watching this years Academy Awards. and while i don’t care that much about the Oscars, i really enjoyed the movie. it’s telling the not-so-ordinary love story of the Japanese artist Ushio Shinohara and his wife Noriko, also an artist. asked about their relationship, Noriko gave a beautiful poetic answer, that i really liked….Continue Reading “documenting love”

it was Easter this last Sunday. what i enjoy the most about Easter are simple, but precious things like family gathering, coloring eggs, the scent of hope and flowers blowing through the air. през изминалата неделя празнувахме Великден. семейното събиране, боядисването на яйца и арoмaта на надежда и цветя, носещ се из въздуха – някои от простичките, но безценни неща, които ме радват по Великден.

some of the things, that inspire me. кратък преглед на някои вдъхновяващи неща. a lazy happy day / безгрижен прекрасен ден flowery scent of love and joy / цветя с аромат на радост и любов kind of feeling free / нещо като чувство за свобода rainbow / дъга urban / квартален туризъм seaside / морска

a.k.a the first, usually pointless post summer and being fresh. the scent of cleanness inspires. as do the mountains in the summertime too. the villagers prefer to wash their carpets on the river bank. next to it they have a garden, where they grow fruits and vegetables. the villagers are wise guys. или първият, обикновено безсмислен пост лято и чувство за свежест. ароматът на чистота вдъхновява. както и планинската природа през лятото. хората от селото предпочитат да перат килимите си на реката. до перилото има…Continue Reading “carpets a.k.a. summer fresh”